Letters and Arrows: An Introduction

Two Saturdays ago I walked across a stage and received my college diploma. I am now the proverbial college student who graduates and moves back into the rent free room at their parent's house. Don't judge. The past few years as a history student have proven the most difficult, amazing, frustrating, and invigorating. I have written and displayed my thoughts for about five years at anordinarydreamer.wordpress.com and decided that a new phase in life deserved a new domain. As for my post-graduate plans I have hopes to attend Summit Oxford Study Centre this fall- after which I intend to head off to graduate school. 

So, all that preliminary chatter to say... I am merely a student of history, philosophy, and theology. I once read that knowledge was an endless frontier and I believed it. I once heard that knowledge was the greatest weapon and I understood. I once dreamed that the pursuit of knowledge would be a way of life and I lived it. One day I will be able to tell my students that once I was just as broke as they are. I will tell them that it is their responsibility to sojourn through the land of learning. I will assure them that if they dare, they will never be able to say at one place permanently for the call to go deeper into the wilderness will haunt them. It will always haunt me. 

Therefore, letters are arrows. Words are bows. Knowledge is a frontier. Life is the journey. Stories are worth telling. The paths we pave will be the highways of future generations. Let us carry the burden with a lightness of spirit. Follow me. Join me. Further up. Further in.