Crossing the Columbia

The soft evening sun glittered
on newly damp autumn leaves
muting the fire-y colors.
The pastel clouds encircled the valley-
turning the entire scene into a painting.

We crossed the Columbia
on those green tinted bridges.
The sun slowly ushering our return
to the city I may call home

Once upon a time,
A saying nestled itself into the recesses of my mind- haunting my soul.
What if I'm homesick for a place
I've never been?
A space unlimited by my knowledge of it.
What if home is longing for a world where you are meant to be-
Not a place you have been?

I think
I know this to be true now.
My heart grasps at the answer-
Home is a feeling,
It's a place-
As in the space
Where we can be
The only us we
are meant to be.

These autumn leaves,
Among pacific evergreens,
Reveal to me
The space of all my longing-
The place where I might
Encounter who I intend to be.