The Sea

    As the waves crashed against me, sand pelting my razor burned legs, I felt the salty wind come from kissing the sea. The wave retreated and my footing faltered. Seagulls dove for bits of food. A kite spread its colors against the bright, speckled sky. Children laughed. This moment feels ancient, deep, profound. The constant rhythm of the moon's lullaby. Tides come and go, pushing, pulling, constant, true. Nature never ceases in this steady chaos. Humans play in her wake. 
    What did this first moment feel like? I grew up going to the beach and can't remember the first time I saw the endless sea. What was it like, the first time you stepped into the sea and felt the earth giving way to water? What did you feel? Fear? Awe? Confusion? The wonder of water as far as one can see. The rush of the cool, humid breeze. Did you know that it crossed the water for miles, altering course as it pleased? The roar of the waves beating ceaselessly. 
     It's overwhelming, almost numbing, yet so vivid, so full of sensations. Maybe its because I was reading about mindfulness. I'm learning to feel. To pay attention to the way the wind comes from all directions and flows around my ankles, beating against this journal. I realize that thousands of people have stood in this very spot and breathed in this salty air and felt the realization that something more was there. The sand is different. The water composition isn't the same. Yet, we all share this opportunity for transcendence as we stand in this sea. 

When living true to the wonder of the steadily unfolding wisdom, we feel at times as of the echo of an echo of a voice were piercing the silence, trying in vain to reach our attention. We feel at times called upon, not knowing by whom, against our will, terrified at the power invested in our words, in our deeds, in our thoughts.
— "God in Seach of Man" -Abraham Joshua Heschel
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