These curated lives- these moments of popular consent to daily vanity.             (&
                Run- run five miles in set lines established by another.                            thr
                       Vanity- its all a mist- all fading in the hot daylight of sorrow.       oug
For night is cool and  beautiful.                                                                                         h|him
 The day crass and blinding.                                                                                                      all
 Absorb- soak in the little balls of light glowing galaxies away.                           thin
 Behold their beauty and marvel at their now past.                                               ngs| in
 But to be confronted by stark bright of sunlight- we hide our eyes.                   hea
Hollow. Our hollow eyes recede once more- implore.                                                 ven
 Ask the divine for scales so that we may not see the depth of depravity.      &on     It is all too much for these weaklings.                                                                          earth
Pray- pray to have eyes blinded from earthly beauty.                                            are...)
If it is all destroyed- if all good resigned to flames- we must believe that it is no longer the good he said it was.
we have to believe that even he cannot redeem
(that good is given up and holy thrown down)
Deep- down deep- we think that annihilation is the only way to redemption.

I cannot fathom that it is all a farce.
I cannot believe creation a grand lie-

Cody LittauComment