Spring Reading List: March

The weather is warming up here on the east coast and its about time to dust off the hammock and spend hours reading under pine trees. I'm a haphazard reader.  Floating between various books and topics simultaneously is the only way to curb my wandering thoughts. Since many of you have asked for book lists, I've decided to start keeping track with my monthly reads with you. So, get ready to binge buy on Amazon and snag these four books. 

First up, East of Eden by Steinbeck. I have only just started this and it is my first real journey into his work. His style is a strange mixture of poetic musings, philosophical commentary, and filled with an equal dose of violence and humor. It was initially published in 1952 and is said to hold Steinbeck's "most enduring themes: the mystery of identity, the inexplicably of love, and the murderous consequences of love's absence." 






Next up are two autobiographies close to my heart. Faraway Horses tells the story of Buck Branaman. The Man Who Listens to Horses tells of Monty Roberts. Both trainers have helped transform the way the world views horse training. Both overcame abusive fathers to usher in the methods of gentleness and patience. Buck writes, "Its generally accepted that if you're in the pattern of being abused by one or both parents, that's what you're going to do when you grow up. I don't agree. I believe the deciding factor all boils down to free will. People have the choice." Even if you don't work with horses, these books are about the deeper things in life: hope, choice, love, and despair. They teach you just as much about yourself as they do the author. They have the power to change how you interact with people. They epitomize the power of story to change the world. Read them. 

Lastly, Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer  by Richard Rohr. This classic work takes us into the secret place. Rohr admonishes us to journey within ourselves to find an understanding that takes us deeper than reason. I have been a season of struggle and this book has provided a sense of purpose. I have only started this one too, but already recommend it. 

Well there you go! These are what I'll be reading this month. I would love for you to join me. I would also love to hear what you're reading. Grace and Peace friends. 

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