Gardens and Wonder


 "The meaning of awe is to realize that life takes place under wide horizons, horizons that range beyond the span of an individual life or even the life of a nation, a generation, or an era. Awe enables us to perceive in the world imitations of the divine, to sense in small things the beginning of infinite significance, to sense the ultimate in the common and the simple; to feel in the rush of the passing stillness of the eternal." -Abraham Joshua Heschel


I stood among the well trimmed hedges, gazing at the ivy graced brick walls, tulips, and flowers. The archways beckoned me into the symmetry. The sea breeze floated around me as I exited the garden to find a vine covered pathway. Massive magnolia trees covered me as I faced the inlet. The breeze fought with my hat, begging to play in my hair. I closed my eyes and chose to feel. On this very place royal governors and early Presidents stood- backs to the palace, eyes turned to the sea.


In the world around us an invitation is perpetually present. It knows neither time nor space. If you choose to listen you may feel it in the wind or hear it rustle among the trees. It is the constant offer of amazement. All around us the eternal asks to romance us. Far too often, I forget it's faithfulness in light of more brash offers from fear or worry. Yet, regardless of how often I forsake him, wonder remains faithful.


Today, I was reminded of the value in mindfulness. Today, I felt the salty air blow through flowering trees and decided to honor the divine here. All around us heaven is kissing earth and we must only have eyes to see and ears to hear to unveil nature's deepest mystery. Dear friend, do not be so caught up in worry or time. Embrace the moments you are given and dare to feel them fully-the calm and the rage.