Five Ways to Create a Signature Style.

For the first time in my life I've decided to create a signature style. We all cave to fads in fashion, it just happens. I have purposed to make 2016 the year I create a style that rises above the trends. Here are five tips I used to begin to focus on a style that is completely me. 

1. Use Pinterest!
     Pinterest is your friend and I am giving you permission to spend all the time you need sorting through that fashion board to figure out your life. First off, pick a cool name (mine is "Must Find in Order to Rock"). Secondly, pin and pin and pin. Third, scroll through your board before you go shopping! 

2. Ask Your Friends!
Go ahead, Ask them how they would describe your style. They know you. Trust them. Ask them what colors and styles look good on you. 

Tee: TJ Maxx || High Waisted Skinnies: American Eagle || Calf Skin Flats and Necklace: Lucky Brand 

Tee: TJ Maxx || High Waisted Skinnies: American Eagle || Calf Skin Flats and Necklace: Lucky Brand 

3. Less is More
       It's so tempting to buy cheap clothes. I know you want to buy five shirts for $20 but do you really? Don't you hate it when you buy clothes and then have to replace them in a month? It's not cool. I have learned the value in buying quality clothes that will last and learning how to wear them in many ways. 


4. Clean Out That Closet.
       If you haven't worn it in one month, it goes. This isn't a steadfast rule, just a helpful one. When I look in my closet, I want to see all my favorite things. If I have a wonderful shirt that I havent worn in months I pull it out and give it away. It might become someone else's favorite. 

5. Love Your Style. 
      Don't settle. Spend the time to find what makes you look in the mirror and say "dang, I look good." You deserve that. For me, that's quality jeans, a good tee, and awesome shoes. Other days, it's my favorite lace Madewell dress with calf hair flats. You do you and own it. 

So go out there and find clothes that you love and splurge. Treat yourself.