You Are Enough.



Hi! My name is Addie May. I am a 12 year old 6th grade homeschooler and I met Cody at church.  I am totally honored to guest post on her awesome blog today.

Here we go!

In today’s world, sometimes we feel forced to hide the real us. We see models on the cover of magazines that look “perfect” (or what the world’s definition of perfect is) and we tend to compare our looks, our hair, our bodies, etc. to that “photo shopped” example. I’m here to tell you something wonderful. We were created by God and He makes NO mistakes. Yep, even YOU. That means we are perfect just as we are.

God made us in His image.

There are days that we feel down, and that’s ok.  I encourage you to sit down and talk to God about the things going on in your life. The great things and the not so great things. Pour your heart out to Him. He wants you to confide in Him just like you would your friend because He is your friend…Your Heavenly Father. Whether it’s about school, work, friend or family issues…anything. Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. His peace will cover you. Trust me it really does help, I struggle with an anxiety disorder and whenever I feel anxious about something, I talk to God. He meets me right where I am and I feel His presence wash over me immediately.

In Psalm 139:14 it says:

“I praise you because I am FEARFULLY and

WONDERFULLY made, your works are wonderful.”


And Proverbs 31:10 says:

“An excellent wife who can find?

She is far more precious than jewels.”


I encourage you to write those verses down and put them on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, etc. Put it in a place where you will see it often and be reminded of how beautiful you really are. And that God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel like you’re not beautiful, like you’re unworthy or unwanted. Because God says you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are wanted, and you are much, much more!

Just keep your mind, heart and soul open to hear God’s voice. Don’t measure your worth by how many likes your picture receives or how many followers you have….don’t listen to the lies the enemy may whisper in your ear. Measure your worth in The Lord. You are enough, and you always will be.

God sent His only son to earth for you and me.  He walked on the same ground we walk on knowing He would one day die a horrible death for us…bearing our sin and shame. Willingly, He took it all so that we could live and have eternal life with Him in Heaven. Soon. He loves you and pursues you and sees YOU perfectly-lovely. His grace and love are poured out daily for all of us because of the great love He has for us.  If you don’t know Him, I encourage you to talk to someone TODAY. Your pastor, a friend, parent…I would love to pray with you. I am praying FOR you to have a personal relationship with Him. If you already know Jesus…share the love. Let’s be a reflection of His love and beauty.


I think it’s about time I say goodbye… Have a blessed day, friends!!


Addie May


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