Book of the Month: Becoming Wise

"Words are crafted by human beings, wielded by human beings. They take on all of our flaws and frailties. They diminish or embolden the truths they arose to carry. We drop and break them sometimes. We renew them, again and again."

In her latest book, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living, Krista Tippett speaks directly to the soul. I have been a fan of Krista for years as an avid listener of On Being. I ordered this book about a month ago and have only made it to the third chapter. Much like my prolonged reading of Heschel or Rumi, Becoming Wise, requires faithfulness to wonder. I do not believe in rushing through books. The courage and audacity of authors amaze me, especially those writing vulnerably about what they have discovered as spiritual truths. The reading of such books asks for a contemplative approach and I have been lavishing that upon this one. 

Therefore, you should read this book- even if it is just a page or two a night. Our journey into wonder can start anywhere, mine started with bareback gallops and Heschel. Yours can start with anything, I think it could start here. When I finish Becoming Wise, I will tell you more about what I have gleaned... but for now I need to meditate on how to integrate these stories and let her words move me.