5 Changes I've Noticed Since Taking Nutritional Supplements

I am an INTP in Meyers Briggs and a 5 in the Enneagram. This means I am driven by a pursuit of knowledge, I am a researcher, an investigator, and have a propensity to spend hours digging through texts and studies to figure out why things are the way they are. So you can imagine my intrigue when I started learning about cellular nutrition and oxidative stress in our bodies. Don't forget about those pesky free radicals and their neutralizing antioxidants. I have been pouring over resources and decided to start a well researched and optimized nutritional supplement plan about four months ago. 

Now, I have taken supplements on and off since I was 18- when my mom recovered from a rare form of cancer. So when I started taking these new supplements, I didn't expect anything radically different to happen. But it did. So here are a few changes I have experienced over the past few months. 

1. My skin is happier. 

Now don't go calling me vain or sending me links to the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days  rendition of "You're so vain." This was an unexpected side effect of my new plan. I have not had a breakout since month two and I'm even holding a tan longer (I have no idea how this happens, it just has).  I always had hormonal acne and I am so thrilled to kiss that goodbye. 

2. Stress doesn't send me into a tailspin. 

 Historically my body doesn't cope with stress well. I was always the one to end up with random colds or stomach bugs in stressful times. While being on this program, I have seen a dramatic reduction in stress related sickness. And, I have been planning a wedding and moving and reformatting my business this whole time! Crazy right? During the most stressful time of my life, I have found a way to help my body handle stress! Did you know that stress causes free radicals to float around trying to steal ions from other cells in your body? A solid nutritional plan can help balance that decay by sending out antioxidants to neutralize the free radical. So freaking cool. 

3. I have more energy.

I generally feel more energized and ready to take on whatever life throws at me. 

4. My hormones are balancing out. 

Sorry guys if this is too much, but I have too... This is huge! I have always struggled with painful periods and a solid two weeks out of the month I was a total crab and felt like hell. While I am pretty good at containing my mood swings, the internal dialogue was a struggle. So imagine my shock when after four months, I suddenly didn't have mood swings. I barely had PMS and for the first time in my life experienced minimal pain. For me, this change has been life altering. I used to call in sick to work every month. I struggled to control my breakouts. When suddenly, life is significantly better. These changes alone are worth every penny. 

5. I have peace of mind. 

As I mentioned, my mom had a rare form of breast cancer my senior year in high school. I have struggled with health related anxiety for years. A couple years ago, I spiraled big time and was having panic attacks every day and then panic attacks about the panic attacks- because, lets be real, a panic attack feels like you're dying. It's the worst. I hate them.  Taking a balanced nutritional supplement plan has allowed me to say "I am doing my very best to take care of my body." This may seem small, but the more I research the effects of high quality nutritional supplements on cancer, the more at ease I feel. 

In general, I have seen a huge decrease in my daily anxiety. After month two, I was shocked to realize I had gone weeks without feeling anxious. My body was balancing itself out and it was amazing. 

I firmly believe in your bodies ability to heal itself and be a happy place when we take care of it. For me, self care doesn't mean lots of bubble baths, it means making sure I am fueling my body to the best of my ability. I still eat pastries and imbibe on my favorite drinks. Yet, I do it knowing I'll go home and take my supplements and continue on my way.



Obligatory disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I do not claim to be a doctor. Please consult your personal doctor before starting any new supplements. The plan that I am on is actually listed in the Physician's Desk Reference (meaning your doctor can look it up). These are my results. All of our bodies are different. Do your research on any product you take.  


If you would like to know more about the supplements I am on, drop me a line below.