Five Things to Consider Before Joining an MLM

things to consider before joining an mlm by cody elisabeth

I live thirty miles away from town, I have zero desire to drive that in the middle of South Dakota winters. So, working from home is ideal for me. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to work just a few hours a day? I would rather spend my time working horses or working on the ranch than be tied up behind a desk. As many of you know, I have many business ventures. Lately, I have dipped my toes into an MLM, with the help of my dear friend and doctor. This is in no way a sales pitch. This article is the result of watching so many ranch wives dive into home businesses only to crash and burn because they were not prepared. Are you considering a multilevel or network marketing business? Here are my top five things you need to consider:

1.       Do you like the products? 

This seems simple, but how many people are recruiting you to join their team before you have even tested the products? Do you actually like the makeup? Does the skin care routine really work for you? Do you really like the supplements? I highly suggest testing out the products for at least two months before deciding to join the company. If you are looking into vitamins or supplements, remember that this time frame may need to be longer. This simple step, not only saves you from embarrassment, but also gives you the ability to use your personal testimonial in your sales pitch.  You will not have to rely on company slogans or brand promises, you have your own story to tell.

2.       Do you really have the time to actually be successful in network marketing?

Multilevel marketing, or network marketing, is not a quick fix. You will not be rich overnight, that is not how the system works. You need to find a system and compensation plan that you can run with for the long haul.  Rumor has it, only 3% of network marketers earn the big bucks. This is simply because those 3% bust their butts learning, implementing, and changing. You need to be able to set aside time to learn about your company, learn about marketing, learn how to communicate effectively, build your audience, and find your voice.

3.       Do you fully understand your company’s compensation plan?

If your upline (or the person trying to sign you up) cannot fully answer your questions about the compensation plan, or they do not point you to someone who does, think very carefully about joining their team. Your upline or sponsor is incredibly important to your success. Far too many people join companies and do not understand how they will get paid. You need to know what you hope to achieve financially and what you have to do to get that paycheck! Maybe you only need $1000 extra a month, what do you have to sell to get there?

4.       Who owns your business?

Did you know, the majority of MLM companies do not consider the people you recruit for your downline to actually be your customers? Meaning, they can take them away if they like. Are you okay with that? I am definitely not. You need to be aware of the rules in the company and how they wield them. Does your company protect your business?

5.       Lastly, be patient with yourself .

Success never happens overnight. Show yourself grace in your business journey. You will make mistakes. You will fail at times. Grace says “it’s okay. This is a lesson learned. I just learned what not to do next time.” These moments of grace will allow you to grow and continue. Do not just quit.

If you have considered all the above and decide joining that MLM is right for you, go for it! Do your market research, create a plan, know your story, and go get 'em. Don't listen to the naysayers who are just repeating what someone has told them. Be informed. Be empowered.