Cultivating Home

cultivating home.png
Home is where we find our deepest belonging
— John O'Donohue

That’s the quote that has echoed in my mind for months now. I have struggled since college to discover that place. I craved the ability to nest and really begin to unpack all the things that were within me. We all want that right? We all crave that space where we feel completely ourselves. We all crave home.

When I first moved into my cozy little apartment, I was really overwhelmed. I hadn’t ever had a space that was a complete blank canvas for my choosing. Nor had I ever been so broke. In the months that I have lived here, art has started to fill the walls, plants have found their way into corners, throw blankets are bountiful and as cozy as possible. I have begun to understand a few key things about a home.

Home should always mean rest.  I work with the general public, which means I am usually ready to give up on the world by the time my 8 hour day ends. I want to come home and curl up and make things or read things or watch things. Hence the throw blankets and plethora of coffee mugs.

Your home is a reflection of your inner life.  Home, for me, is my sanctuary. The walls are filled with my creations. My books are usually scattered about. I like to keep things tidy- everything except my desk. I have been on a journey to find peace and wholeness. The candles, books, verses, and quotes all around my home attest to that. If I start letting things get out of hand, you know, laundry piling up and things, it is usually a reflection of apathy in my spirit. There is a direct correlation between how tidy my house is and the chaos in my mind.

There can be beauty in creative chaos. 

There can be beauty in creative chaos. 


Home should always be welcoming. I love having people come into my apartment. I grew up in a house with a revolving door. I love having guests and the more my space starts to feel like home the more I want to share that with friends.


Home is a state of mind. Once we leave behind the longing for fulfillment in places, people, or jobs we begin to settle into our belonging. The late Irish poet, John O’ Donohue, reminds us that we must hold our longing and belonging evenly. They are both always present in us. It is when we realize that both are always present and seek to hold them equally that we enter into our becoming. I think that the balance he’s talking about like home. When we decide to be present and engage with the space and people around us instead of moping around because its not where we want to be, we can actually begin to grow as a person. Home lets us do that.


What ways do you seek to cultivate your home? What are the things that you want your space to reflect? I want to hear what you have to say. Comment below and let’s start a conversation on the nature of home. I look forward to hearing from you.