Time Saving Social Media Hacks

top time saving social media hacks cody elisabeth

Social media is HARD. How am I supposed to remember what filter I used last, what hashtags to use, or when the heck is the best time to post? I have compiled a couple of my favorite time saving tools from my social media management days. Just for you, because I think you deserve a little less screen time in your life. 

1. Planoly!

I freaking love Planoly. I can schedule out an entire month of posts, captions, and hashtags in a lovely grid format. I can look at my best times to post on my Instagram app statistics (for business accounts) and schedule my feed accordingly.  It is free for one account, unless you're like me and you have 5 different accounts and then they have an excellent pricing scale. Here's a link to see what it's all about. 

2. Hire a photographer. 

Seriously, if you need to stockpile photos so you can use Planoly this is your best option. They will give you a collection of beautifully consistent photos for your feed. An hour shoot can be a life saver. Find your local Rising Tide Society chapter, I guarantee there are wonderful photographers there that would love to work with you. 

Here  Alyssa Crawford  captures  Emily Costopoulos  photographing me at one of our Rising Tide Society meetups. 

Here Alyssa Crawford captures Emily Costopoulos photographing me at one of our Rising Tide Society meetups. 


If you choose to edit your own photos instead of hiring a photographer, I love the app VSCO. It has endless amounts of preset filters you can purchase. Are you like me and like to tweak everything? VSCO lets me save my favorite recipes for that consistent, beautiful feed we all desire. This saves me from thinking about what filter I used, what I changed the exposure too, and the like. Check it out, I'm in love. 

Lastly, here's your friendly reminder that your time on social media should be spent engaging with your followers! Comment and like and make friends. Cheers!